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Brandon believes that if we don't have strong public safety, nothing else matters. Brandon will keep Denton safe by:​

  • Ensuring our police and fire departments are fully staffed and fully funded.

  • Working with agencies to reinforce traffic and pedestrian safety, especially along US 380 and I-35.

  • Increasing the number of mental health responders for mental health crises.

  • Continuing Denton PD practice of deprioritization of possession of personal amounts of marijuana.


As Denton builds out, it is imperative that we have a city government that understands the importance of commerce. Under Brandon’s leadership, Denton will foster economic growth by:

  • Nurturing relationships between the city and local businesses.

  • Working to make Denton Square more walkable and inviting to shoppers and tourists.

  • Expanding the capacity and utility of the Denton Enterprise Airport.

  • Helping recruit businesses to start up in or relocate to Denton.


As a professional truck driver, Brandon understands how crucial it is that we fix up our roads. Together, we can improve our infrastructure by:

  • Investing more of our budget into fixing existing infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, drainage, etc.).

  • Ensuring that city contractors finish their projects on time, and are reprimanded when they fail to do so.

  • Working to expand broadband internet access.


Denton is blessed with vibrant greenspaces and beautiful parks. Brandon will continue to protect Denton greenspaces by:

  • Working to reduce city carbon emissions.

  • Continuing recycling and environmental education programs.

  • Advocating for more greenery along roadways and public spaces.

Public Education

We must maintain Denton's reputation as an educational powerhouse. Brandon believes we can ensure this by:

  • Strengthening relationships between city council and our higher education institutions; the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, & North Central Texas College.

  • Promoting cooperation and transparency between city council and Denton ISD.


Denton is known for its vibrant music and arts scene, allowing Dentonites to explore while also generating commerce. A win-win for Denton. Let’s protect our historic music and arts scene by:​

  • Working with venues to help keep their doors open.

  • Investing in art-focused public-private partnerships where possible.

  • Funding more public art projects.

Comments, suggestions, or concerns about Brandon's vision for a better Denton?
Contact Brandon at

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