we won! thank you, denton!

public safety & health

Brandon strongly believes that if we don't have adequate public safety and health, nothing else matters. We will keep Denton safe and healthy by:

  • Keeping our police and fire departments fully staffed and funded, as well as filling first responder vacancies

  • Increasing the number of mental health responders; Let's hire more unarmed mental health responders to respond specifically to mental health crises. This has proven effective for Denton so far, so let's expand it

  • Reinforcing traffic safety where possible. Reducing accidents and traffic congestion on our streets not only saves lives, but saves the city labor costs and reduces commuter travel time

  • Continuing Denton Police Department's existing cite-and-release policy for adults with personal amounts (up to two oz.) of marijuana

  • Working towards placing a larger marijuana decriminalization ordinance on the ballot

infrastructure & city workers

As a professional truck driver here in Denton County, Brandon understands just how crucial it is that we fix up our roads and existing infrastructure. Together, we can improve our infrastructure by:

  • Investing more of our budget into fixing up our existing infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, paths, drainage, etc.)

  • Ensuring that city contractors finish their projects on time, and are reprimanded when they fail to do so

  • Finding ways to retain city staff, the "brain" of our municipal government. City staff makes things happen from day to day. When worker turnover is high for city staff, it slows down processes. As a start, let's raise their minimum wage to $18/hour to incentivize retention


As Denton continues to finish its' build out over the next two decades, it is imperative that we have a municipal government that understands the importance of commerce. Brandon will usher in economic growth by:

  • Recruiting businesses to either relocate to, or start up, within Denton city limits

  • Improving public-private relationships between the City and local businesses

  • Enhance Denton Square by making it more inviting to shoppers and tourists, and make the area more walkable by pedestrians

  • Continuing to ensure fair business practices and wages within Denton


We must maintain Denton's reputation as an educational powerhouse. We can do so with suggestions like:

  • Conserving the relationships between City Council and our higher education institutions; the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, & North Central Texas College

  • Increasing cooperation and transparency between City Council and Denton ISD

  • Creating a new generation of public leaders by offering more educational opportunities for university and Denton ISD students, such as governmental internships and civic volunteer opportunities


According to researchers, Denton County has some of the worst air quality in the entire state[1]. We must determine the extent of these impacts, and find cost appropriate solutions. Brandon Chase McGee has ideas like:

  • Launching an independent investigation committee to research the impacts and sources of city air pollution

  • Planting more greenery along roadways and in parks, which not only looks nicer, but slightly improves air quality

  • Continuing existing recycling and environmental education programs

  • Supporting legislation to adopt an all or mostly-electric city vehicle fleet by 2040

  • Securing funding for electric vehicle charging stations, proven to encourage local EV usage and ownership


Denton is famous for its' live music and arts scene. Music and the arts not only allow Dentonites to explore and experience art, but also drives business to our city. We must act to maintain our historic art and music scene by:

  • Working with private investors to both maintain existing and open new performance venues

  • Work to bring more music festivals to Denton, similar to the annual Denton Arts & Jazz Festival and what 35 Denton (aka NX35 Conferette) was from 2009-2016

  • Working with local artists to hear about which issues matter to them, and see what we can do to keep them local

Comments, suggestions, or concerns about Brandon's vision for a better Denton?